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3D Scanner

3D Scanner


Model EinScan-S
Accuracy ≤0.1mm
Maximum scan volume Automatic scan : 200x200x200mm / Free scan : 700x700x700mm
Scan speen Automatic scan : <3mins / Free scan : <10s (single range)
Point distance 0.17mm ~ 0.2mm
Alignment method Automatic alignment / Manual alignment
Scan mode Automatic scan / Free scan
Printing support Yes
Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixel
Light source White light
Scanner dimension without package : scanner head size 246x126x60mm
turn table 246x260x65mm
with packing : 630x400x180mm
Weight without package : 3.5kg / with packing : 5.7kg
Power consumption 50w
AC input 100V ~ 230V
Single scan range (free scan) 200x150mm
File Format STL, ASC