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Deploying configuration files for Cura2.7

최고관리자 17-09-20 17:14 326 0

Deploy the settings file for Cura 2.7.

Applicable equipment: VIS-POWER, VIS-NEO, VIS-MEGA

Please refer to the manual in the attached file for installation instructions.



- Windows 64-bit only program. 

- Cura is Ultimaker's software.

- Computer recommendations

    . Windows 7, 8, 10

    . OpenGL 2 compatible graphics card

    . Intel Core 2 or Athlon 64 or higher CPU

    . 4GB or more memory (8GB or more recommended)

- Please run only one program at a time because it may crash when you run Visprinter at the same time.

    (include VPview, VPview runs in the taskbar notification area when using visprinter.)


* Fixes
 - 17.09.26 : "High speed" layer and infill thickness changes


Download: Cura2.7_vistech_170926.zip