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Notice of Vistech Korea announcement!

Vistech Korea developed 3D printer for the invisible brace use

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Vistech Korea developed 3D printer for the invisible brace use

3D printer to produce an invisible brace and dental brace material were developed. It is expected to lower the brace production cost by directly imprinting an invisible brace, without the need for making a dental impression sample. 
박지종 비즈텍코리아 대표(왼쪽)가 3D 프린터로 제작한 투명 치아 교정기를 살펴보고 있다.
<Park Jijong, CEO of Vistech Korea(left in picture) looks at an invisible brace made by 3D printer.>
On the 12th, Vistech Korea(CEO Park Jijong) announced that it developed 3D printer to produce detachable, invisible brace and silicone-based dental brace material. 

Vistech Korea plans to establish the facilities which meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements within the first half of this year and start mass producing from the second half of the year. To secure the market, it exchanged a MOU with Neo Biotech, a professional dental implant supplier, for close cooperation.

Newly-developed 3D printer for dental brace is the equipment to print out an invisible brace based on the teeth design file created by the software. 

Although invisible brace has been sold through some 3D printer companies so far, such as Align Technology and 3D Systems, they require to make a three dimensional impression samples by stages and vacuum form using plate type synthetic resin(PET) in order to produce invisible braces. And to make each 3D impression sample, it takes about 6-8 weeks and even it costs high. 

But Vistech Korea’s 3D printer is able to print out right away if it has a design, and it takes only 2 days to produce an invisible brace. 

It also uses a differentiated material for invisible braces. Vistech Korea developed a highly elastic silicone-based material so that it could be applied to different tooth position, varying the degree of brace elasticity. Ultimately, it is now possible to individualize a brace according to different intraoral structures. Besides, it reduces pain on teeth. 

The price of entry-level product will range from 30 to 40 million won (KRW) per unit, and that of mass production typewill be from 80 to 100 million won (KRW). For mass production, crowd funding is conducted targeting the general public by the end of this month. 

CEO Park Jijong said “this newly-developed 3D printer is able to greatly reduce production period and cost incurred on teeth straightening clinics and dental braces. We expect to capture the dental brace market from the second half of this year, expanding the domestic and international sales”.

By Shin Sunmi, Daejeon ETNEWS (smshin@etnews.com)